UNCF/Koch Scholars Program

UNCF/Koch Scholars Program

Since 2014, the Charles Koch Foundation has partnered with the United Negro College Fund and Koch Industries to support students interested in studying entrepreneurship and developing their own unique talents.

Supported by a $25 million gift from the Charles Koch Foundation and Koch Industries, the UNCF/Koch Scholars Program offers African-American students financial assistance, academic and business mentoring, and networking opportunities both online and at an annual summit. UNCF/Koch Scholars study how Principled Entrepreneurship™, innovation, and economic thinking contribute to the well-being of individuals, communities, and society.

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Jacey Stuckey: A Future Investing "Queen-Pin"

Jacey Stuckey describes how she flourished, despite having the odds against her. She started college with less than $300 to her name, and now she aspires to be a "queen-pin" of investing and private equity.

UNCF/Koch Scholar Profile

Julian Jones: Living the Life Of Your Dreams

UNCF/Koch Scholars alum Julian Jones explains how starting his own business, with the help of his UNCF mentor, is enabling him to live the life of his dreams.

UNCF/Koch Alum Profile

United With Anybody to Do Right: Charles Koch and Michael Lomax

"We are painfully aware that disagreement with those who hold differing points of view is now practically a blood sport, but we carry on in Frederick Douglass' legacy."

USA Today

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