New ASU initiative will share innovations to help other universities better serve students
09-01-2020 06:01am New ASU initiative will share innovations to help other universities better serve students This month, with support from the Charles Koch Foundation and donors from the Stand Together community, Arizona State University (ASU) will launch the Agent Learner Initiative. The latest in a long line of higher education innovation initiatives developed and advanced from Arizona State University. Read More
Despite pandemic's challenges, students have hope for online learning
08-13-2020 01:40pm Despite pandemic's challenges, students have hope for online learning Colleges and universities have been among the organizations most affected by the unprecedented disruptions introduced by our country’s response to COVID-19. As a result, the rapid transition to online platforms and distance learning has revealed important challenges and opportunities for faculty, administrators, and learners. We are encouraged by the results of a recent survey conducted by College Pulse and supported by the Charles Koch Foundation, which show that students are eager to see what the future holds for online learning.  Read More
A blueprint for reforming skilled immigration in the U.S.
07-28-2020 01:55pm A blueprint for reforming skilled immigration in the U.S. How Cornell professor Stephen Yale-Loehr wants to attract the best job candidates from around the world. Read More
Americans are less polarized than we think
08-18-2020 01:45pm Americans are less polarized than we think Samantha Moore-Berg found that left- and right-leaning Americans’ views are, in fact, often more alike than they realize. But the more they feel the other side is hostile and dismissive toward them, the wider they believe the gaps between their positions to be. Read More
Letter from Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Institute on COVID-19 Pandemic
03-18-2020 05:05pm Letter from Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Institute on COVID-19 Pandemic Today we stand together with everyone in this country and around the world to do all we can to support one another and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic Read the Full Letter


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American Council on Education will help lifelong learners earn credit for apprenticeships

A $1 million grant to the American Council on Education establishes a two-year program that allows students to take advantage of apprenticeships and earn college credit for the skills they develop.

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10-05-2020 12:00am

Education Design Lab partners with six colleges, systems to create dynamic learning pathways and credentials

The Education Design Lab​, ​a national nonprofit ​that designs, implements, and scales new learning models, has announced that it will partner with six colleges and post-secondary education systems to create an inaugural cohort of a new ​Community College Growth Engine Fund​. The fund will help U.S. community colleges collaborate with local employers to meet the growing demand for short-term credentials and 21st century workforce skills.

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09-22-2020 01:00pm

New center at University of Nebraska will explore the changing relationship between law and technology and how it impacts society

The University of Nebraska has announced two new grants, one each from the Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) and the Menard family, that will support the university’s newly-launched Governance and Technology Center.

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