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Charles Koch Institute

Supporting the study of free societies and the ideas, institutions, and values that maximize well-being.

  • Projects

    Southern Illinois University professor Tammy Kochel wants communities to be able to trust their police officers. See how her work is helping the U.S. Department of Justice and the St. Louis County Police Department understand the breakdown of trust in Ferguson, Missouri.

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  • Faculty

    Rajshree Agarwal, director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets at the University of Maryland, encourages students to identify their gifts and consider how they can leverage those skills in the economy while embracing the hard work of excellence and happiness.

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  • Students

    Students at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley participate in a program with professors Alberto Dávila and James Boudreau that includes student fellowships, a speaker series, and a reading group.

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You have to be willing to confront ideas that are different than your own and that might make you a little uncomfortable. It allows you to grow as an individual, because it allows you to communicate clearly and practice listening in order to analyze and mutually understand. Josiah Keilson, student at North Carolina State University

Learn how a seminar with Professor Andrew Taylor helped Josiah confront and challenge new ideas.

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For more than three decades we have continued to grow our commitment to supporting students and scholars. Our Annual Giving Report details the gifts we have made to keep pace with the soaring demand for academic grants.

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Brandon Davis, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alabama, is using a Charles Koch Foundation grant to complete his dissertation, which explores how our criminal justice system can break up families and communities.

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