Letter from Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Institute on COVID-19 Pandemic
03-18-2020 05:05pm Letter from Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Institute on COVID-19 Pandemic Today we stand together with everyone in this country and around the world to do all we can to support one another and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic Read the Full Letter
OpenStax: Helping Students
03-23-2020 02:38pm OpenStax: Helping Students "Learn More...Faster" An innovative approach to textbooks is helping millions of students get a college education Read More
Business Should be an Engine for Good
03-12-2020 10:05am Business Should be an Engine for Good Economist Rajshree Agarwal argues that selfishness, within the context of collaborative enterprise, creates greater value for individuals and society Read More
Protecting Academic Freedom
02-11-2020 01:38pm Protecting Academic Freedom Protecting Academic Freedom Read More
At a Small Midwest High School, Shop Class is Reborn
01-03-2020 10:33am At a Small Midwest High School, Shop Class is Reborn The Cardinal Manufacturing program teaches students skills like welding, machining, and woodworking, as well as accounting and office management. The result is a student-run, profit-sharing fabrication and repair business that has become so successful it now serves as a model for other school systems nationwide. Read More


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Charles Koch

It became clear to me, as I studied the ideas that shaped human history, that virtually everybody has the ability to learn, contribute and succeed if given the opportunity to do so. As I absorbed and applied these ideas, they transformed my life and enabled me to accomplish more than I ever dreamed possible. That success made me want to help as many people as possible to do the same.

Charles G. Koch
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04-06-2020 03:31pm

Letter from Ryan Stowers: In the face of crisis, CKF partners and grantees provide innovative solutions

Emergent Ventures, OpenStax, ACUE and numerous other CKF partners are demonstrating that people can do extraordinary things, especially when they come together in response to crisis and think innovatively to create solutions.

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03-30-2020 04:44pm

Wanted: New ideas to address the new pandemic

The Mercatus Center’s Emergent Ventures, which supports entrepreneurs and thinkers trying to meaningfully improve society, is awarding more than $1 million in prize money for cutting-edge work on COVID-19.

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03-24-2020 12:38pm

Charles Koch Foundation raises concern over call to intimidate scholars as courses move online amid COVID-19 pandemic

"Targeting, intimidating, and otherwise attempting to silence academics chills the open exchange of ideas and, in turn, chokes off progress."

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