Charles Koch Foundation 2017 Annual Giving Report
11-15-2018 08:13am

Charles Koch Foundation 2017 Annual Giving Report

We are working with a diverse group of partners on a shared goal: to remove the barriers that keep people from leading successful and fulfilling lives.

We’re continually impressed by the quality and diversity of proposals that scholars and community groups bring to us. This year is no exception, and we’re proud to be able to meet the increasing demand. In 2017, our giving totaled nearly $90 million in grants, and 2018’s giving has already surpassed last year’s number.

As always, our giving is guided by Charles Koch’s philanthropic vision, that all people can achieve extraordinary things if they have the opportunity to do so. We believe that education provides the greatest opportunity for personal transformation, and we work with scholars, universities, and other non-profit partners to help remove the barriers that hold people back.

Highlighted Giving

All the projects we funded this year had one thing in common: They courageously explore new ideas and solutions to improve society for everyone.

More Stories About Our Partners

“Free Speech Essentials for Students,” a NewseumED Program

NewseumED is breaking down misconceptions about the Bill of Rights to help students understand the First Amendment and develop media literacy skills through real-life scenarios and immersive learning experiences.

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Rick Aguilar, a SkillsUSA Scholarship Recipient

Aguilar learned about SkillsUSA through an automotive repair program for prisoners. Now, he’s using his skills to help keep people out of prison.

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Alice Johnson, a Buried Alive Project Fellow

Alice Johnson was sentenced to mandatory life in prison for a nonviolent drug conspiracy charge—her first arrest and her first conviction. Today, she's using her freedom to help others like her.

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Asma Uddin, UCLA’s Initiative on Security and Religious Freedom

Uddin has challenged blasphemy laws in Indonesia, protected inmates’ rights to wear a beard in accordance with their faith, and helped repeal state laws banning teachers from wearing religious garb.

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Howard Henderson, Texas Southern University

Henderson is researching issues ranging from overcrowded prisons to racially biased sentencing as well as how to improve relations between police and local communities in Houston.

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Robin Sparkman, StoryCorps CEO

Sparkman discusses how StoryCorps’ One Small Step Initiative can help “lower the volume” on conversations between people of different views.

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Carrie Pettus-Davis, Florida State University

Pettus-Davis is leading an unprecedented study that will help former prisoners live productive lives.

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Tyler Cowen, George Mason University

Tyler Cowen is always on a mission to learn something new—whether it’s about sustainable growth or the best ethnic restaurants.

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