Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

We support scholarship that speaks to America's enduring interests and policies that will make our country safer.

In a complex world, America needs a sensible foreign policy. But in recent decades, our actions and decisions have failed to make us safer. Debates in Washington are often rooted in past conflicts and framed by insiders who demand ever-expanding military budgets and support few options beyond costly intervention. The Charles Koch Foundation funds research on the policies that will keep our country secure and supports new voices and sound scholarship that speak to America’s enduring interests.

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Our Giving Standards and Principles

Our giving standards and principles guide our long-standing commitment to academic independence and openness.

Faculty call the shots.

Behind each of our grants is a scholar with a vision. Their freedom to drive their research wherever it may take them is essential to the discovery that we hope results from our support.

Schools provide the academic environment.

We’re excited to support hundreds of schools ranging from small liberal arts colleges to state research universities to Ivy League schools. Each grant we make follows the school’s standard procedures when it comes to hiring, curriculum, peer review, and other policies.

Openness brings opportunities.

To help make potential grantees aware of opportunities, we share news of all our major gifts. This knowledge sharing improves collaboration, offering others the possibility to build on the work of the scholars we support.

Society benefits.

The scholars we support are tackling some of the toughest challenges of our time and preparing students for success in a dynamic future. The goal of our philanthropy is to improve society. As scholars’ discoveries guide the path forward on criminal justice reform, free expression, foreign policy, technology and innovation, economic opportunity, and other pressing challenges, society progresses.

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