Higher Education

Higher Education

The Charles Koch Foundation supports students and faculty members at more than 300 colleges and universities across the country. Our grants fund a variety of undergraduate programs, graduate fellowships, academic research, and university centers, with one important goal: To encourage scholarship that addresses challenges preventing all people from living successful and fulfilling lives.

Supporting Scholars and Students at More Than 300 Colleges and Universities

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Texas A&M University

University of California San Diego

New York University School of Law

About Our Programs

The Foundation supports educational initiatives that have a direct impact on opportunities to thrive.

Colleges and Universities

Our grants to colleges and universities support faculty members who lead a variety of programs that engage students with the principles of free societies. The university centers we fund enable professors to pursue their research while providing resources to their students.


We support undergraduate programs that encourage students to engage with the ideas of free societies. Our grantees develop programs to guide and mentor students who are interested in exploring how to help people improve their lives. Examples of programs include:

  • Guest lectures.
  • Reading discussions/seminars/colloquia.
  • Course development.
  • Research fellowships.


Our resources help students engage with the ideas of free societies and explore how to help people improve their lives. Outside of the classroom, we connect students to meaningful professional opportunities.

Additional information about some of these opportunities is available here:

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