Applying for Support

The Charles Koch Foundation seeks to empower our partners to spend more time on their project than they do on grant administration. 

Initial Review:
CKF has an open, rolling application process, which means we welcome proposals for research and educational programs throughout the year. Applicants are asked to submit a brief (1-3 page) abstract that explains how their project will advance inquiry on a pressing challenge; a CV or résumé; and a brief itemized budget. Proposals related to the Foundation’s vision and focus areas are selected for further review.

Assessing Proposals:
Proposals chosen for assessment undergo a review process focused on the proposed project’s relevance to the appropriate field of inquiry or practice, as well as the applicant’s capacity to complete the project in a timely fashion and at a high level of quality.

The Foundation provides applicants with timely decisions based on four key factors.

  • Vision: Does the project contribute to a society of mutual benefit where people succeed by helping others improve their lives?
  • Quality: Does the project meet the standards of its field? Has the applicant demonstrated potential or past excellence in the corresponding field of study or practice?
  • Impact: Can the applicant articulate how the project has potential to improve the lives of others? 
  • Sustainability: If necessary, is the project likely to receive the additional support  necessary for the applicant to build on their progress?

Ineligible Programs:
Requests for funding that fall outside of the Foundation’s vision or giving practices are declined at the selection stage. Among other items, the Foundation is not able to support:

  • Percentage-based overheard costs
  • Applied Research and Development
  • Community development 
  • Infrastructure
  • Cultural exchange programs
  • Economic development
  • Medical treatment
  • Political activity
  • Lobbying activity

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