We believe that society’s challenges are best addressed by social entrepreneurs —faculty, students, administrators, nonprofits — who have first-hand knowledge of a problem, a vision for solving it, and a passion for working with others to drive lasting change. We invest in people rather than systems, bureaucracies, ideologies, or the status quo.

We aim to empower. Behind each of our grants is a partner with a vision. The freedom to drive their idea wherever it may take them is essential to discovery.

We form partnerships based on a shared vision and complementary capabilities, bringing our network, knowledge, research, and more to every relationship.

We publish, and celebrate, all major gifts. This knowledge-sharing improves collaboration and brings the important work of our partners to the attention of other potential funders. See a list of the outstanding organizations we currently support. Access our major grant agreements, as well as the template we use to structure major gifts.

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