In Case You Missed It: University of Wisconsin’s CROWE featured on CNN

CNN Tonight recently featured Noah Williams, an economics professor at the University of Wisconsin, and director of UW’s Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy (CROWE).

The Center is using cellphone data to forecast the impact COVID-19 will have on various sectors of the state’s economy, including retail and manufacturing. Williams and his team have forecasted a 60 percent decline in manufacturing activity, an impact Williams said would be “crushing” since manufacturing “is the backbone of the state.”

Click here to watch the CNN Tonight feature. Click here to read more about the Charles Koch Foundation’s support of CROWE.

05-19-2020 02:09pm

Minerva Schools: continuing to serve university students during COVID-19

Because COVID-19 has forced many leading colleges and universities to delay, defer, or cancel their enrollment for thousands of students, upcoming on-campus plans have never been more uncertain. To address this need, Minvera has launched its Visiting Scholars Year—a remote, credit-bearing opportunity for university students.

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05-15-2020 10:00am

WMU Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy encourages students to “lean into” COVID crisis

Instead of abandoning the coursework for the year and simply resorting to teaching business strategy online, Lepisto and McIver leaned into the crisis. They decided they would not shield their students from it and instead would use it to expose them to the realities of being an entrepreneur, including the uncertainty and hardship, while trying to help local businesses as they struggled to survive.

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05-14-2020 10:00am

TEL offers free resources and affordable courses to keep students on track

With COVID-19 keeping students out of residence and lecture halls, TEL quickly pivoted, launching another program, Learn Together!, which provides free learning resources to high school and college instructors, students, and families during COVID-19.

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