Helping College Students Stay on Pace for Graduation

The American Council on Education (ACE) has launched a new task force aimed at improving college transfer and award of credit practices.

Research indicates that more than one-third of university students will transfer at some point during their undergraduate careers. The task force’s mission is to identify practices that will enable more students to retain credit, save money, and stay on pace for graduation. “Given the increasing mobility of students between institutions and other learning opportunities, we know that improving transfer of credit practices is critical to our efforts to better support students and increase their success,” ACE President Ted Mitchell said.

The task force, composed of presidents and chancellors of two- and four-year, public and private non-profit colleges and universities from across the country, will produce a report identifying best practices and emerging strategies for improving the transfer and award of credit. With support from the Charles Koch Foundation, the task force will produce a series of white papers on topics such as student support services and pathways, credit transfer technology, and credit for prior learning. Strada Education Network, a national social impact organization dedicated to identifying clearer and more purposeful pathways between education and employment, will also support the task force.

“It’s encouraging to see ACE taking the lead to convene leaders, identify best practices, and offer solutions toward diverse educational pathways,” Charles Koch Foundation Executive Director Ryan Stowers said. “This will require rethinking how credit transfer works, and we suspect the research produced by this task force will illustrate how to accelerate change in the ways colleges and universities effectively support students.”

Read ACE’s full announcement here.

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