EGF to Expand Research on US Foreign Policy

New York, NY. January 10, 2018: The Eurasia Group Foundation will be expanding its research and outreach on foreign policy with a $1.19M grant from the Charles Koch Foundation. The grant will support EGF Board President Ian Bremmer’s “Independent America Project,” which examines how the United States would benefit from a more restrained foreign policy that is open to the world but more prudential in its use of military force and wary of commitments abroad.

“The impact of this grant on our stakeholders cannot be overstated,” Bremmer said. “It is focused on the heart of EGF’s mission—connecting individuals to the issues and events shaping their world—and allows us the resources needed to fully research and explore what the United States’ role should be in the new G-Zero world.”

The research will identify, summarize, and analyze the significant and complex issues raised by existing US foreign policy and examine, where appropriate, what more restrained approaches would work and what the benefits and costs of such approaches would be.  It will also aim to educate and raise awareness around the positive benefits the U.S. would experience from an alternative approach to foreign policy.

“Projects that challenge the status quo, like this, are critical at this juncture in the evolution of American foreign policy, said Charles Koch Foundation Vice President William Ruger. “Bremmer’s book Superpower makes an important contribution to a more serious debate about the future of U.S. engagement abroad.  We are pleased to support this work on how a more restrained foreign policy can contribute to American security and prosperity.”

This announcement follows the awarding of Charles Koch Foundation foreign policy grants to the Brookings Institution, Harvard University, MIT, Notre Dame, Tufts, UC San Diego, and others.



Stacia Komonsinski, Charles Koch Foundation



Allyn B. Summa, Executive Director

Eurasia Group Foundation




About Eurasia Group Foundation: EGF is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to helping people make meaning out of the impact geopolitics has on their lives by empowering them to get involved in the issues that matter to them most. EGF takes complex issues and ensures they are accessible to everyone through traditional and nontraditional media, including events and meetings, papers and presentations, videos, infographics, podcasts, and the full array of social media.


Charles Koch Foundation: For more than five decades, Charles Koch’s philanthropy has inspired bold new ideas to improve American lives. Inspired by a recognition that free people are capable of extraordinary things, the Charles Koch Foundation supports research, educational programs, and dialogue to advance these principles, challenge convention, and eliminate barriers that stifle creativity and progress. Our main areas of focus include criminal justice and policing reform, free speech, foreign policy, removing barriers to economic opportunity, and technology and innovation.

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