ICYMI: Arizona State University Announces Criminal Justice University-Based Center

Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor Law School has announced a new grant to support professor Erik Luna’s development of a university-based center to build on the school’s criminal justice work. The university shared today:

“Providing a physical and sustainable presence, the center will serve as a platform to expand upon the Academy for Justice project. Erik Luna, who directed the project and serves as ASU Law’s Amelia D. Lewis professor of constitutional and criminal law, said the center will carry on the principal goal of his original project: Ensuring that academic findings on criminal justice issues are made available to the public to help inform educational, cultural, and policy efforts.”

“For a number of reasons, academics have long been underrepresented and underutilized in criminal justice reform efforts,” said Luna, who will serve as the center’s director. “These are some of the most brilliant and well-informed minds in the field. The center’s mission is to make sure their research and analysis is accessible to two groups: the policymakers who can actually do something to fix the problems in criminal justice, and the citizens who are ultimately responsible for the laws enacted and enforced in their name.”

Read Arizona State University’s full announcement here. Find a copy of the grant agreement here.

Download the full Academy for Justice Report:

Volume 1: Introduction and Criminalization

Volume 2: Policing

Volume 3: Pretrial and Trial Processes

Volume 4: Punishment, Incarceration, and Release

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