Our support focuses on identifying, exploring, and removing the barriers that hold back individuals and creating a culture of openness to new ideas and innovation. Ideas improve through challenge, scrutiny, and debate. We aim to spark and inform a wider conversation that leads to solutions.

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Helping all people unlock their potential

Foreign Policy

Realism and restraint

Free Speech & Peace

Protecting diversity of voices and promoting courageous collaboration across difference

Criminal Justice

Public safety, human dignity, equal justice


Sharing in the American experience

Principled Entrepreneurship

Doing well by doing good

Economic Opportunity

An economy that works for everyone

Technology & Innovation

Embracing dynamism and experimentation

Science of Liberty

An open exchange of ideas for a flourishing society

RFP and Grant Criteria

We consider proposals based on their potential to provide long-term solutions to problems that result in a society of mutual benefit, where people succeed by helping others improve their lives.

Our criteria include relevance, scholarly rigor, stakeholder and institutional support, and potential future growth.

Our giving principles are rooted in our vision: to advance a culture of mutual benefit, equal rights, openness, and self-actualization. This grounds our commitment to open inquiry and academic independence. Behind each of our grants is an innovator with a vision. Their freedom to drive their idea wherever it may take them is essential to discovery.

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We welcome opportunities year-round. We have a rolling application process and aim to respond to every proposal in a timely fashion. If your project is time-sensitive and you have concerns about meeting a deadline, please include that information in your proposal, or contact us.

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