General Proposal

General Proposal

The Charles Koch Foundation supports research that spurs social progress, well-being, and long-term prosperity. Although we invite proposals for a select number of issues, we encourage proposals for any research that shares the goals and vision of the Foundation.

General Grant Opportunities

The Charles Koch Foundation primarily supports research and educational programs that analyze the impact of free societies, particularly how they advance societal well-being. The best way to find out if your project request is a good match with the goals and vision of the Foundation is to submit an online grant proposal.

The Foundation generally supports only Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) non-profit public charities and universities that are organized and operated within the United States. Grant requests from for-profit corporations will typically not be considered, and requests from individuals will not be considered unless pursuant to a Foundation individual grant program.

Also, the Foundation generally does not provide support for overhead in grants made to universities, colleges, or other similar institutions. Overhead includes, but is not limited to, insufficiently specified and/or insufficiently detailed overhead costs (e.g., a requirement that a fixed percentage of a grant amount be dedicated to grant administration) and fringe benefits.  Please note that federal tax law prohibits grant funds from being used to support or oppose any candidate for political office or for lobbying activities.

Featured Grantee

Rajshree Agarwal, director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets at the University of Maryland

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