Our Giving & Support

Our Giving & Support

The Charles Koch Foundation supports the study of free and open societies and the institutions that enable people to improve their lives. Through grants to universities and non-profit organizations, we connect students and scholars with the resources to explore diverse ideas and solutions that meet the challenges of our day.

Our Academic Giving Principles

Academic Freedom

Universities thrive when there is a diversity of ideas and scholarship is subject to rigorous and honest intellectual challenge. We are committed to the ideal of academic freedom and seek university partners who encourage civil debate.

Academic Independence

Students and scholars teach and learn best when free from outside influence. Scholars follow their research wherever it may lead, and schools conduct hiring, research, and curricula according to their standard grant policies.

Donor Intent

We fund proposed activities that match our commitment to advancing a better understanding of how to improve societal well-being.

Public Benefit

Successful grants benefit society, not a specific individual or special interest, by improving what we know about how people can live better lives.

Grantee Spotlight

Our grantees examine issues that matter and propose solutions to help people improve their lives.

  • Criminal Justice & Policing Reform

    We support research that emphasizes human dignity and enhances public safety, with a particular focus on reducing overcriminalization, recidivism, and barriers to second chances for ex-offenders.

  • Toleration & Free Speech

    We support research, educational programs, and dialogue focused on enabling a more tolerant society through modeling civil discourse and protecting press freedom.

  • Foreign Policy

    We support new voices and sound scholarship that speak to America's enduring interests and policies that will make our country safer.

  • Economic Freedom

    We support research on the barriers that prevent people from working, innovating, and creating value for themselves and their communities.

  • Technology & Innovation

    We support scholars who are examining the barriers to innovation in myriad areas, from transportation and health care to online communication.

  • K–12 Education

    We fund scholarships, research on K–12 education, teacher and curriculum support, and community non-profits that help children reach their full potential.

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General Proposal

We support scholars doing critical work to understand how free and open societies function best.

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Requests for Proposals

We look for research that addresses pressing issues including criminal justice reform, foreign policy, and free speech.

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Graduate Student Grants

We offer grants and fellowships to support research and career development for students considering or pursuing advanced degrees.

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Non-Profit Grants

We partner with and support non-profit organizations that help people improve their lives and communities.

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