Fiscal Policy Research Grants

Fiscal Policy Research Grants

Government has a beneficial role to play in society, protecting foundational rights, ensuring equal treatment under the law, and preserving a system of voluntary exchange. When government plays this role, individuals are empowered to earn success, contribute to their communities, and live meaningful lives. Conversely, when government action becomes untethered from its beneficial role, it diminishes opportunity, limits private sector economic activity and innovation, and stops people from realizing their potential.

The Charles Koch Foundation invites scholars, researchers, and subject matter experts to submit grant proposals for research, case studies, or comparative analysis related to fiscal policy and focused government activity. We are especially interested in research that:

  • Analyzes the impact of past and potential budget process reforms at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Explores fiscal rules that control debt accumulation and government spending.
  • Examines past and potential state and local pension reforms, including work that analyzes or models alternative plan structures.
  • Evaluates potential institutional reforms to economic development incentive programs at local, state, and national levels (e.g. interstate compacts).
  • Identifies and analyzes levels of transparency and accountability in economic development programs, as well as the impact of such programs on small business and the broader local economy.
  • Examines theoretical transformative reforms to the social safety net and entitlement programs.
  • Studies ways to eliminate poverty traps within the current social safety net system.
  • Examines the impact of Medicaid expansion on state budgets.
  • Evaluates the efficacy of past structural tax reforms or models the effects of alternative tax plans.
  • Identifies what factors affect the cost of infrastructure in the United States and compares the cost of building and maintaining that infrastructure to the costs in other countries.

Grant Criteria

  • A one-to-two-page abstract of the project on behalf of your university or college. The abstract should provide sufficient detail for reviewers to assess the nature and feasibility of the idea.
  • A CV or résumé.*
  • A brief, itemized budget.*
  • Final projects should be original and meet the highest standards of their field, and must not have been previously published.

*Items are required in application.

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