Our Giving: Looking Back at 2019

The Charles Koch Foundation supports research and educational programs focused on poverty, immigration, criminal justice reform, free expression, and other critical issues. We’ve given to hundreds of schools, benefiting thousands of professors and millions of students who are working on some of our most important social challenges.

The group of organizations we support inspire critical thinking and encourage the kind of innovative solutions that help remove barriers to opportunity and help every person realize their full potential. Progress results when more people have had the opportunity to discover their aptitudes and develop them into skills that benefit others.

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Notable 2019 Coverage

The Foundation is pleased to highlight coverage of some of the important projects and people that benefit from our support.

Highlighted 2019 Giving

Courageous Collaborations

Since the launch of our Courageous Collaborations initiative, our partners have been pursuing research with real-world impact and helping others in their community bridge divides. The diversity of abilities and perspectives among unique individuals is at the heart of social progress in all its forms, as it enables people to approach problems and opportunities from different angles- creating more effective solutions together.

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Transformative Research

The Charles Koch Foundation stands alongside innovators in education, connecting them with the resources and support to re-imagine and radically expand how we think and act about possibilities in education. We support partners across the country who inspire students, push beyond conventional boundaries with exceptional new programs, and advance knowledge that can revolutionize the way we understand and address even the biggest challenges.

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Personalized Learning Pathways

Every student should have access to a dynamic set of learning options that enables them to discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities and establish a foundation for a life of fulfillment and success. That includes learning in all its forms: curious questions, classroom learning, discussion and debate, learning technical skills, self-study, and scholarly research that illuminates the unknown. These possibilities require an education landscape open to the exchange of ideas and innovation, which allow scholars to pursue research and makes possible new learning pathways that better serve students throughout their lives.

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