Digital Markets Initiative: highlighting the value of technology during COVID-19

Mark Jamison, director of the University of Florida’s Digital Markets Initiative, and UF postdoctoral candidate Peter Wang recently published a column at RealClearMarkets that highlights how technology companies have “created or refined systems for distance learning, teleworking, telemedicine, news dissemination, and e-commerce” during the COVID-19 pandemic. The two estimate the value of digital products like video and instant messaging has grown several fold as a result, and the success has attracted the eye of regulators.

Jamison and Wang advise:

“Businesses should not be punished or brought under greater scrutiny simply because they are valuable during the pandemic. … Lawmakers and policy makers should be explicit that companies serving customers and the country well in this time of need will not be hunted and punished for their good work. The people who matter are not the critics, but the people who step up and make life better.”

Click here to read the full column, and here to read more from Newsy about Jamison’s research. And you can learn more about the Charles Koch Foundation’s support of the Digital Markets Initiative here.

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