The Charles Koch Foundation is Leading Efforts to Unite on Key Challenges
02-15-2019 03:39pm

The Charles Koch Foundation is Leading Efforts to Unite on Key Challenges

Our founder, Charles Koch, recently urged individuals to come together to “unite with anybody to do right.”

In January, the Charles Koch Foundation participated in The Seminar Network conference, a three-day event in California where more than 700 scholars, researchers, policymakers, newsmakers, and philanthropists discussed the challenges facing the country and how individuals can come together, regardless of their differences, to develop solutions.

Highlighted during the conference was the Foundation’s work in improving civil discourse and addressing intolerance through the Courageous Collaborations initiative, the impact criminal justice research has had the on the recent move towards reform, and research into how different forms of education can help students reach their full potential.

Courageous Collaborations

We're working to understand what drives intolerance and the best ways to cure it.

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Sarah Ruger against a gray backdrop

The Opportunity to Collaborate

At a time when America is becoming more polarized and people with different views no longer know how to speak with each other, we’re missing an opportunity to solve society’s most complex problems.

Can Researching the Brain Bridge Ideological Divisions?

The National Review

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The Daily 202: The Koch network donor retreat turns touchy-feely

The Washington Post

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StoryCorps aims to counter online polarization


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Improving Access to Education

Every student deserves access to a high-quality education to develop the aptitude, character, knowledge, and skills they need to find fulfillment and earn success.

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Promoting Second Chances

More than 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated, often for low-level, nonviolent crimes. Many prisoners receive excessive sentences and, once they’re released, thousands of laws can prevent them from obtaining jobs and rebuilding their lives.

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Johnny C. Taylor speaking in to a crowd

Johnny C. Taylor Supports Charles Koch’s Challenge to Businesses on Second Chance Hiring

The passage of the First Step Act has resulted in the improvement of rehabilitation and re-entry opportunities for thousands of incarcerated individuals. Our founder, Charles Koch, recently challenged the business community to take the next step and create opportunities for individuals with criminal records who have earned a second chance.

Koch network leads coalition urging businesses to hire former inmates


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Alice Marie Johnson on Why She’s Thankful for Her Second Chance, and Why Others Deserve the Same

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Stand Together: The Koch-Backed Anti-Poverty Group Starting off 2019 with a Bang

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