Individuals Making an Impact | Personalized Learning Pathways

Individuals Making an Impact | Personalized Learning Pathways

Every student should experience a dynamic set of learning options that enables them to discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities and establish a foundation for a life of fulfillment and success.

Research on educational delivery systems, transformative schooling options, and the conditions impacting student performance contribute to the growing body of knowledge necessary to understand how we can remove barriers to help each student to unleash their potential.

04-06-2020 03:31pm

Letter from Ryan Stowers: In the face of crisis, CKF partners and grantees provide innovative solutions

Emergent Ventures, OpenStax, ACUE and numerous other CKF partners are demonstrating that people can do extraordinary things, especially when they come together in response to crisis and think innovatively to create solutions.

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03-30-2020 04:44pm

Wanted: New ideas to address the new pandemic

The Mercatus Center’s Emergent Ventures, which supports entrepreneurs and thinkers trying to meaningfully improve society, is awarding more than $1 million in prize money for cutting-edge work on COVID-19.

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03-24-2020 12:38pm

Charles Koch Foundation raises concern over call to intimidate scholars as courses move online amid COVID-19 pandemic

"Targeting, intimidating, and otherwise attempting to silence academics chills the open exchange of ideas and, in turn, chokes off progress."

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