Individuals Making an Impact | Personalized Learning Pathways

Individuals Making an Impact | Personalized Learning Pathways

Every student should experience a dynamic set of learning options that enables them to discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities and establish a foundation for a life of fulfillment and success.

Research on educational delivery systems, transformative schooling options, and the conditions impacting student performance contribute to the growing body of knowledge necessary to understand how we can remove barriers to help each student to unleash their potential.

02-18-2021 01:50pm

SkillUp Together Fund will provide direct assistance to help Americans access lifelong learning opportunities

Grants through the $30 million SkillUp Together Fund will connect workers to career support and upskilling programs.

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02-17-2021 09:29am

Harmel Academy of the Trades marries skills-based education with humanities

Harmel Academy of the Trades in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is establishing an income-share agreement to help students finance their degree.

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02-09-2021 09:22am

Johns Hopkins partnership will foster diverse educational opportunities

A new $1 million grant to JHU's Program on Educational Pluralism will support research, thought leadership, and a School Culture 360 survey.

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