Individuals Making an Impact | Social Entrepreneurs

Individuals Making an Impact | Social Entrepreneurs

The Charles Koch Foundation supports social entrepreneurs and principled leaders who help others improve their lives.

Everyone has the ability to learn, contribute, and succeed if they have the freedom and opportunity to do so. That’s why, more than 50 years ago, Charles G. Koch began supporting higher education. The Charles Koch Foundation, founded in 1980, continues this work by funding research and education that helps people expand their horizons, develop skills, and help others.

UNCF/Koch Scholars Program | Empowering Students to Become Entrepreneurs

The UNCF/Koch Scholars study how Principled Entrepreneurship™, innovation, and economic thinking contribute to the well-being of individuals, communities, and society.

02-15-2019 03:02pm

What Makes A Well-Lived Life?

Researchers at Wake Forest University hope to answer the age-old question of the secret to happiness with the first Eudaimonia Index.

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01-22-2019 09:01am

Defending the Faithful | Stanford Religious Liberty Clinic

A unique legal clinic at Stanford represents believers who clash with state and corporate rules—and teaches students lessons in humanity.

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01-07-2019 12:01pm

The Psychology of Division | Juliana Schroeder

Juliana Schroeder studies how we judge one another—and what we can do to keep inevitable disagreements from becoming unbridgeable divides.

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