Individuals Making an Impact | Social Entrepreneurs

Individuals Making an Impact | Social Entrepreneurs

The Charles Koch Foundation supports social entrepreneurs and principled leaders who help others improve their lives.

Everyone has the ability to learn, contribute, and succeed if they have the freedom and opportunity to do so. That’s why, more than 50 years ago, Charles G. Koch began supporting higher education. The Charles Koch Foundation, founded in 1980, continues this work by funding research and education that helps people expand their horizons, develop skills, and help others.

Koch UNCF participants

UNCF/Koch Scholars Program | Empowering Students to Become Entrepreneurs

The UNCF/Koch Scholars study how Principled Entrepreneurship™, innovation, and economic thinking contribute to the well-being of individuals, communities, and society.

02-24-2021 08:32am

What is the biggest challenge in immigration reform today?

Within Rice University's Baker Institute, Tony Payan and Pamela Lizette Cruz bring fact-based insights to a charged national conversation.

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02-17-2021 09:01am

Questioning the status quo

We learn from Doug Berman, Executive Director of the Drug Enforcment and Policy Center at The Ohio State University.

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02-10-2021 08:38am

Reimagining public safety

We learn from Professor Barry Friedman at the Policing Project, a national leader on criminal justice reform.

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