New Voices in Foreign Policy

New Voices in Foreign Policy

The Charles Koch Foundation works with universities like Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame and others to support some of the most respected political scientists in the country. We have partnered with Big Think to create content featuring these scholars who lead their diverse fields of study.

In recent years, the national conversation on foreign policy has been too narrow, accepting military intervention as the go-to solution rather than weighing whether these costly interventions make the United States safer. In order to continue to challenge foreign policy decision-makers, the Charles Koch Foundation and Big Think have partnered on a series of content that introduces new voices in foreign policy. Whether analyzing U.S.-North Korea relations or explaining how civil wars do not always require outside intervention, these speakers are all indicative of the thoughtful and impressive scholars that the Charles Koch Foundation supports.

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We work with foreign policy scholars around the country working on diverse questions that impact our national security.

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Recent American history shows a clear need for a new vision and new voices, steeped in greater realism and supported by the best evidence rather than well-intentioned but idealistic hopes.

William Ruger, Charles Koch Foundation Vice President of Research

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