Tools that Work

Specific tools can empower people to bridge divides—whether cultural, ideological, geographical, or religious—and to grow as individuals. Narrative 4 uses storytelling to promote empathy. Stereotyped 101 ­employs humor to explore diversity on college campuses. The HBCU Debate League develops confidence in young people to hear others’ beliefs and speak out about their own.

Partnership Highlights

We are grateful to work alongside partners who come from differing perspectives but share the same goals: to create a society in which people are free to exchange ideas in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

Are Virtual Pen Pals the Cure for Polarization? Three High Schools Are Finding Out.

Through the international nonprofit Narrative 4, students in rural eastern Kentucky and students in the South Bronx meet via video to discuss the political, economic, and demographic differences between their hometowns.

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Freedom Project Offers Wellesley Students Chance To Discuss Serious Ideas

Wellesley College's Freedom Project has expanded opportunities for members of the campus community to engage on topics ranging from free speech with Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker to Islamic tradition with Turkish journalist and scholar Mustafa Akyol.

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The National Constitution Center’s Classroom Exchange Program Turns Students into Constitutional Scholars

The National Constitution Center's classroom exchange program brings the U.S. Constitution to life for middle and high school students across the country.

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