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From StoryCorps, which records and preserves stories of Americans from all walks of life, to the Future of Storytelling, which is reinventing how we relate our experiences in the digital age, see how people can make their differences a force for good instead of a roadblock on the path to individual growth and social change.

Partnership Highlights

We are grateful to work alongside partners who come from differing perspectives but share the same goals: to create a society in which people are free to exchange ideas in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

Asma Uddin, Religious Liberties Lawyer, Releases New Book on Preserving Religious Freedom for All

Asma Uddin's new book looks at how faith in the United States is being secularized and politicized as well as what impact this has on religious freedom and diversity.

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Scholars Pair Up with Their Philosophical Opposites to Research American Democracy

The University of Arizona-based National Institute for Civil Discourse awarded grants to 10 scholars to research concepts vital to American civic life.

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UNC-Chapel Hill Launches New Field of Study on Polarization

The Center for the Science of Moral Understanding's mission builds on Professor Kurt Gray's earlier work, increasing moral understanding through scholarship.

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