Research of Consequence

Great discoveries are not born from a single thought; diverse opinions can lead to the strongest solutions. Dr. Juliana Schroeder studies how disagreements morph into polarization. Dr. Kurt Gray studies the origins of intolerance. Dr. Todd Kashdan studies how can we enhance civility while reducing animosity. We support research that, by discovering the roots of intolerance, transforms fear into curiosity.

Partnership Highlights

We are grateful to work alongside partners who come from differing perspectives but share the same goals: to create a society in which people are free to exchange ideas in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

George Mason University’s Well-Being Lab to Study Ways to Improve Discourse

George Mason University's Well-Being Laboratory is engaging in research to find ways to improve open-minded discourse in a politically polarized world.

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New York University Launches New Center to Study How Information Flows Online

NYU's Center for Social Media and Politics will study the impacts of digital technologies on an individual’s ability to engage in all aspects of society.

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UNC-Chapel Hill Launches New Field of Study on Polarization

The Center for the Science of Moral Understanding's mission builds on Professor Kurt Gray's earlier work, increasing moral understanding through scholarship.

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