Dialogue Across Divides

Dialogue Across Divides

The Charles Koch Foundation supports interdisciplinary research to overcome intolerance, new models for peaceful interactions, and experiments that can heal fractured communities.

At a time when America is becoming more polarized, we’re missing an opportunity to solve society’s most complex problems. To encourage a culture where people embrace their differences and find ways to collaborate, the Charles Koch Foundation and Big Think have collaborated on a series of videos that highlight individuals working to find solutions to overcome increasing divisiveness. From explaining why we should be open to hearing offensive ideas rather than driving them underground to redefining how to work across deep differences, these speakers are all indicative of the thoughtful and impressive scholars and partners the Charles Koch Foundation supports.

The opinions expressed below do not necessarily reflect the views of the Charles Koch Foundation, which encourages the expression of diverse viewpoints within a culture of civil discourse and mutual respect.

Notable Voices on Issues That Matter

We are grateful to work alongside partners and organizations who come from differing perspectives but share the same goal of allowing free speech and free expression to flourish.

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More Free Speech Perspectives from Big Think

We're looking at huge, complex, intractable problems in our country today… We're going to solve these problems by coming together across divides and having conversations with anyone to do good and no one to do harm and to look forward and discuss possible solutions. I become deeply concerned when those conversations are not possible.

Sarah Ruger, Director of Free Expression at the Charles Koch Foundation.

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