Our Grantees

Our Grantees

We support scholars and students at more than 300 colleges and universities.

Big thinkers with big ideas. That’s who receives Charles Koch Foundation grants. From students to scholars, these innovators are researching solutions for a range of problems—from reforming the criminal justice system to protecting free speech—at more than 300 colleges and universities nationwide. The Foundation also provides grants to a variety of top non-profits, all of which share an important mission: improving the lives of individual Americans.

Foundation grants allow students and scholars to explore an array of ideas and perspectives at top-ranked institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Notre Dame, as well as smaller colleges that perform critical work on how free societies function.

We also partner with non-profit organizations that help people improve their lives and communities. Grantees include the Police Foundation, for its work in establishing neighborhood trust, and Washington, DC’s Newseum, which showcases First Amendment issues.

Our main areas of funding include criminal justice and policing reform, free speech, foreign policy, technology and innovation, and removing barriers to opportunity. With each grant, we hope to learn more about living in peace and civility, with opportunity and dignity for all Americans.

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