Charles Koch's Commitment to Higher Education
Charles Koch's Commitment to Higher Education Read the full letter
No Laughing Matter | Comedy, Free Expression, and Censorship
No Laughing Matter | Comedy, Free Expression, and Censorship Read More
Life After Prison | One of a Four-Part Series
Life After Prison | One of a Four-Part Series Read More
Empowering the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs
Empowering the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs How American University's Entrepreneurship Incubator is helping students develop businesses that are bettering the world. Read More
Turning Dreams into Reality: UNCF/Koch Scholars
Turning Dreams into Reality: UNCF/Koch Scholars "My interest in economics is: How do we improve people’s lives? If I have to go against mainstream thinking, I don’t care." Watch the Video Read About Our Partnership


Grantmaking Foundation

Education creates opportunity and drives progress. The Foundation grants funding to scholars, students, and partners developing creative solutions that empower individuals to transform their lives and to improve society.

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  • Criminal Justice Reform

    We believe that a criminal justice system focused on human dignity is the best way to keep our communities safe.

  • Toleration & Free Speech

    We support research, educational programs, and dialogue focused on enabling a more tolerant society through modeling civil discourse and protecting press freedom.

  • Foreign Policy

    We support new voices and sound scholarship that speak to America's enduring interests and policies that will make our country safer.

  • Economic Freedom

    We support research on the barriers that prevent people from working, innovating, and creating value for themselves and their communities.

  • Technology & Innovation

    We support scholars who are examining the barriers to innovation in myriad areas, from transportation and health care to online communication.

  • K–12 Education

    We fund scholarships, research on K–12 education, teacher and curriculum support, and community non-profits that help children reach their full potential.

Charles Koch

It became clear to me, as I studied the ideas that shaped human history, that virtually everybody has the ability to learn, contribute and succeed if given the opportunity to do so. As I absorbed and applied these ideas, they transformed my life and enabled me to accomplish more than I ever dreamed possible. That success made me want to help as many people as possible to do the same.

Charles G. Koch
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Start your journey with us.

General Proposal

We support scholars doing critical work to discover solutions to the challenges society faces.

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Requests for Proposals

We look for research that addresses pressing issues including criminal justice reform, foreign policy, and free expression.

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Graduate Student Grants

We offer grants and fellowships to support research and career development for students considering or pursuing advanced degrees.

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Non-Profit Grants

We partner with and support non-profit organizations that help people improve their lives and communities.

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In the News

The latest news about the Charles Koch Foundation, our scholars, and our giving.

05-14-2019 08:30am

Kansas State to Create Center for Principled Business in K-State’s College of Business Administration

Kansas State University’s College of Business Administration announced the creation of its new Center for Principled Business.

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05-01-2019 03:37pm

Embrace Unlikely Allies, Charles Koch Foundation President Tells Philanthropy Leaders

To be truly transformational in the future, philanthropic foundations need to be willing to take risks and work with unlikely allies, even if our differences cause us to feel “really uncomfortable.”

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04-30-2019 05:27pm

UNC-Chapel Hill Launches New Field of Study on Polarization

Kurt Gray, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has developed his academic career around understanding the origins of intolerance. The next step in his pursuits comes today as the university’s College of Arts & Sciences announces the launch of a Center for the Science of Moral Understanding.

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