Professional Education Programs

Students and professionals who are passionate about economic freedom are an invaluable part of advancing economic freedom. The Foundation supports a variety of programs that aim to connect, educate, and train people who want to advance economic freedom on their campuses or through their careers.

Professional Education Programs at the Charles Koch Institute

For people passionate about the ideas of economic freedom, a career or internship dedicated to the advancement of these ideas offers a unique opportunity to find fulfillment through work and professional education. The Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations who partner with participants in the Charles Koch Institute’s professional education programs. These participants work at non-profit organizations while they engage in the Institute’s professional education programs each week.

Since an initial seven people went through the first professional education programs in 2004, the programs have expanded to include the Koch Internship Program, the Koch Associate Program, and Liberty@Work™. During 2010, approximately 150 people completed one of the programs and there are currently more than 500 alumni.

Koch Internship Program: Builds the skills of students and recent graduates through a rigorous professional education and customizable work experience.

Koch Associate Program: Equips individuals for careers advancing economic freedom through full-time employment in DC and professional education and training.

Find out more about the programs and how to apply here.

Institute for Humane Studies

The Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program at the Institute for Humane Studies is a ten-week program for individuals who are passionate about economic freedom. Each summer, the fellows work at state-based think tanks and non-profits in Washington, DC, and around the country. The program provides professional experience and career development for up-and-coming leaders and public policy analysts. Supported by the Foundation since its establishment in 1992, the program is currently administered by the Institute for Humane Studies. Find out more about the program and how to apply here.

Students for Liberty

Students for Liberty is a non-profit organization that provides support to student organizations dedicated to advancing economic freedom. Its vast network of student groups and thousands of students has rapidly grown since the organization had its inaugural conference in 2008. In 2012, the Students for Liberty network grew to 863 student groups and hosted twenty regional conferences across the United States and Europe. Find out more at