Our Giving

Economic freedom drives prosperity, and the study of it is vital to the continued progress of society. Through our grant-giving, we aim to advance an understanding of how economic freedom improves the well-being of people around the world. We also aim to provide opportunities that allow people to learn more about economic freedom and contribute to its advancement. Whether it is through sponsoring a reading discussion on a college campus or through a research grant, we give because we believe the ideas of economic freedom are vital to society’s progress and worthy of support.

Higher Education

The Foundation supports colleges and universities in order to provide resources to faculty and students. The goal is to facilitate a deeper understanding of the nature of free societies and why they foster the highest levels of well-being for the overwhelming majority of people. Find out more about our giving to higher education here.


There are numerous effective organizations that are conducting in-depth research on economic freedom. The Foundation supports projects at several non-profits, including the Economic Freedom of the World Index at the Fraser Institute. Find out more about this type of grant-giving here.

Professional Education Programs

Through the Foundation’s support of professional education programs, professionals and students have the opportunity to turn their passion for economic freedom into a career and become more effective advocates of the cause in which they believe. The Foundation supports the development of free-market talent by providing job placement assistance, supporting student organizations, and more.

Interested in applying for a grant?

First read the steps and details of the grant application process and then fill out the online application.